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Blue Lake Backpacking Trip

If you’re backpacking around Blue Lake, there are a number of lakes you can visit in the area. Here’s the route we took on this trip:

  • Friday Afternoon: Hiked in from Sabrina Lake to camp at Blue Lake for the night.
  • Saturday: Continued on to Baboon Lakes and set up camp. Day hiked to Sunset Lake.
  • Sunday: Hiked all the way back out.

A Good GPS App for Backpacking

I discovered recently (and I’m really late to the party on this) that modern smart phones actually have a full-fledged GPS chip in them–I had always assumed they just triangulated your position from cell towers or something like that, and that you’d need to have cell service or wifi for location stuff to work. Not the case! Your iPhone always knows where it is by talking to satellites in space :).

Dinkey Lakes Backpacking Trip

We left Santa Barbara on a Saturday morning at the end of July (7/29/17) and made our drive up. We stopped in Fresno for some amazing Mexican food at Don Pepe’s, grabbed our permit in Prather, then headed off to the Dinkey Lakes trailhead.

Add Borders in Lightroom to Fit Photo Mats

This tutorial will walk you through all the steps needed to properly crop, size, and add borders to your photo in order to create a print that will fit properly into the opening of a photo mat. This tutorial is specific to Lightroom–we’ll be using Lightroom’s Print module to accomplish a few key steps.